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We are founders. We are visionaries. We are experts. We do not break new ground, we create it. We are Guiding Innovators.

Why Guiding Innovators

Why Guiding Innovators

Guiding Innovators was created because it’s time. We build companies together with founders. We focus on organic company growth and the personal development of the founder. But one step at a time.



Full risk, right?

Being an entrepreneur means taking risks. Founders know the saying that building a start-up is like jumping off a cliff and having to build your own parachute in free fall. Nine out of ten cliff jumpers fail to do this, or they get stuck in a tree. In my own job as co-founder and managing director of one of the largest crowd investment platforms in Central Europe, I’ve dared to take this leap. And after many years I asked myself: does it have to be like this?

This mindset, this enthusiasm, this willingness to desire and need to assert yourself in a market. Consistency in sticking to your own idea and its implementation. Always the goal in sight. Yes, that’s a must. That’s what defines us founders. But we don’t have to jump by ourselves and, more importantly, we don’t have to work on the parachute by ourselves. But we do need to work ON ourselves.

“The founder’s own development is a crucial part of building a resilient company.”

I’m convinced of that. This is an essential part of the values we live by at Guiding Innovators and part of what we offer to all founders.


Role models, mentors and superheroes

One lunch with Mark Zuckerberg. One pitch in front of the CEO of Google. That would be nice. OK, you can do that. The entire start-up scene is still influenced by Silicon Valley. There, it’s exemplified: to achieve the highest possible company ratings in a short time and then find a potential buyer. The investors’ assessment is the law and the next higher company valuation is the highest goal. Time is money. The pressure is high. And here, too, there’s a sentence that’s been hammered into founders’ heads: if you fail, fail fast.

The fact that the founders lose sight of themselves, their teams and the orientation towards long-term growth is a logical consequence, it’s all too human.

“With Guiding Innovators, we provide entrepreneurs with mentors who will support them in their holistic growth. This means both financial and entrepreneurial organic growth”.

Both must be developed to build resilient companies for the future.

man tipping on macbook


High tech and culture?

The future is digital. We’ve heard that a thousand times. I’d like to repeat it for the 1001st time, because it’s true. It’s not about hype, it’s about a real change in business models that we’re already in the middle of. The way we communicate with each other technologically today is an understandable example.

” Organizing work environments and conducting financial transactions in the future is a focus of Guiding Innovators. We’re bundling our competencies in order to jointly build up companies in the blockchain and FinTech sectors”.

High-tech developments and organic growth. Can thoset go together? Europe is characterized by small and medium-sized companies that perform excellently in their niches, often without being known to the general public. Without big-bang marketing, these companies are geared towards long-term growth over generations. They can rely on the loyalty and solidarity of their employees and their customers.

“Guiding Innovators lives a generalist approach to implementing cutting-edge technologies while enabling self-realization”.

It’s time.

by Paul Pöltner

#2 Guiding Innovators Insights: Wie bauen wir Unternehmen?
Guiding Innovators Innovate

#2 Guiding Innovators Insights: Wie bauen wir Unternehmen?

By Katrin Fahrner , Guiding Innovators Innovate

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